Founded in 1993, JAZZANTIQUA DANCE & MUSIC ENSEMBLE celebrates the jazz tradition as a vital thread in the cultural fabric of African American history and heritage, and a defining element of the American experience. Dedicated to EDUCATION / PRESERVATION / CREATION, the Company’s mission is to increase awareness of and appreciation for jazz as an American legacy through collaborative dance and music projects (performances, classes, lecture-demonstartions, symposiums, community outreach efforts) that inspire, as well as entertain.

Exploring original music compositions along with the works of Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and other greats, JazzAntiqua delves deep into the heart of jazz and the stories within the music. From jazz clubs to concert halls, performing arts centers to schools, museums to festivals in the park --- JazzAntiqua shares the art of jazz with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

JazzAntiqua has been recognized with grant awards from the Doolittle Foundation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, California Arts Council, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Toyota Motor Sales, USA.

The Company has been presented at: Playboy Jazz Festival (Hollywood Bowl), Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (Music Center of Los Angeles), Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California African American Museum, The Jazz Bakery, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Ford Amphitheatre, Japan America Theatre, Dance Mission Theatre (San Francisco), Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, UCLA Hammer Museum, McCallum Theatre (Palm Desert), Watts Towers Jazz Festival, Southern Theatre (Minneapolis), Laney College (Oakland), Mesa Performing Arts Center (Arizona) and many other venues.

Feature stories and spotlight articles on JazzAntiqua have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Weekly Newspapers; Dance Teacher Now, Dance Spirit Magazine, Dance Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.





PAT TAYLOR (Artistic Director/Choreographer) blends her love of jazz and blues music, visual art and spoken word --- with a distinctive historical perspective to create JazzAntiqua's very own brand  of "jazz theatre."

Taylor was raised in a household where jazz served as a musical backdrop to daily life. Yet, it was while living, teaching and choreographing throughout Europe for seven years and experiencing firsthand the world's love and respect for America's original art form, that her passion for jazz and the stories within the music was truly kindled.

Taylor is the recipient of several awards including Mayoral and City Council commendations; a Brody Arts Fund Choreography Fellowship, and grants from the Doolittle Foundation, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, California Arts Council, Center for Cultural Innovation, Francis E. Williams Artists Award and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Taylor was a finalist in the "Dance Under the Stars" Choreography Festival and the Leo's Choreography Competition (Jazz Dance World Congress).

In addition to JazzAntiqua, Taylor's work has been presented at Lehman Performing Arts Center (NY), Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Glashuset (Stockholm, Sweden), Suncoast Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV), Temecula Valley Film and Music Festival, Ford Amphitheatre (Hollywood), Broad Theatre (Santa Monica), and Los Angeles' Cornerstone Theatre.

Taylor's background in Katherine Dunham and Lester Horton techniques, West African, American vernacular and classic jazz dance, along with her love for the collage nature of improvisation, combine to form her signature and approach to movement.

Taylor holds an MFA in Interdisciplinray Arts, with an emphasis in jazz aesthetics. Currently she is Artist in Residence at Pasadena City College and a Guest Lecturer in jazz dance at University of California, Irvine.


 "These dancers were real people, with stories that are our stories... communicating themes of struggle, challenge, love, growth and hope." 
- LA Dance Review

"Excellent live music and dancing that matches it in verve, rhythmic complexity and free-form invention: a proven concept, here distinctively reshaped.
- Los Angeles Times

"... [PORTRAITURE: Stories in Jazz] was a great production  filled with heated solos (Swartz and Ruiz often took honors), assertive drumming by McLendon, and some remarkable dance numbers."
- L.A. Jazz Scene

"Dance has been called history written on the body, and Taylor's piece made this abstract truth utterly tangible."
- ExploreDance.com

“… artistic director Pat Taylor provided sex, soul and style to choreography that not only dazzled but also embodied the music with primal ooze.”
- Los Angeles Times

"...a few troupes like JazzAntiqua are premised on live music, with the interaction and ongoing relationship between the dancers and a music ensemble a defining element of their brand of dance."
- Los Angeles Weekly

“Pat Taylor took that feeling and heightened it in the powerful excerpts from her “A Love Supreme,” danced with equal parts emotion and virtuosity by her locally based JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble.”
- Los Angeles Times